As a dog owner and lover, I am a huge fan of pets, especially dogs. When they come and jump on you after we return home from work or a trip, I adore it when they make loving gestures towards you.

I’m sure each and every one of you like it. Isn’t that so?

Do you know why dogs are the most popular type of pet that people want to keep and adopt?

That’s because they’re extremely intelligent and have the best understanding of human emotions.
They learn whether or not their Master is in trouble and whether or not he is in a good mood at the moment. They are also completely trustworthy.

Apart from that, pet dogs might suffer from a variety of issues, which can range from behavioral to food, sleep, body, and other issues.

No dog is perfect, and every dog has a problem in some area or is struggling with something. The majority of the time, it is their owner who has the most difficulty.

Who am I to provide Brain Training for Dogs a review?

Hi, My name is Katherine Williams, and I work for a Texas-based information technology firm. Max and Heidi are the names of my two dogs. To be honest, I’m obsessed with dogs.

I am married and the father of a baby boy. I normally inform people that I am the mother of three children ( Haha).

I adore dogs and enjoy playing with them. I also enjoy meeting and talking to new dogs and their owners. It’s a challenge to balance work and home (kids, Max, Heidi, and my husband), but I’ve become better at it over time.

Heidi is on the left, while Max is on the right. He appears shy, however (Kidding).

So Heidi has caused me problems, and my husband and I have had to battle as a result of her. She has a lot of energy. Many dogs are hyperactive, and they might irritate their owners.

She was constantly vying for my or Ricky’s (my husband’s) attention. When it comes to grabbing your attention, she has a chance to win an Oscar. She used to bark constantly, not only at strangers but also at home ( Not Always).

Whenever I took her for a walk, she would become hyperactive and start barking at random people. Apart from that, when we used to play with Heidi, she used to bite us. At first, I assumed she did it accidentally or unintentionally, but as time went on, I became convinced that she was doing it on purpose.

We were irritated because my hands had developed tooth marks, and the doctor prescribed an expensive cream to treat them. I tried giving her different soft toys to chew on, but it didn’t seem to work.

I was having trouble controlling Heidi, but I adored her. I was gradually becoming irritated by her barking and aggressive behavior. I recall Ricky inviting her office friend and their family to dinner, and Heidi became so enraged with them, especially their small children, that she worried me as well.

She didn’t bite them that night, thank goodness. Ricky and I were humiliated and apologized for Heidi’s misbehavior.

Following that day, I made a list of Heidi’s behavioral and other issues, and I came up with the following:

– Aggressive Interactions with Strangers and Others ( Often Not Strangers to Me, They were an acquaintance )

Even in a relaxed environment at home, dogs will bark at people or for no apparent reason.

Demanding attention all of the time (I can’t do it because I have other things to do)

To Seek Attention, I’m Always Looking at Me

Running around the house aimlessly (hyperactivity) Biting while playing We did some research on the internet and discovered that if we don’t pay attention to her or make eye contact with her, she will cease seeking attention.

We gave it our best shot, but it didn’t pan out. We utilized chew toys and soft toys to help with the biting problem, but it was only temporary.

I also read on the internet that I needed to train her for her aggressiveness and hyperactivity. Really??
At first, I thought that training her would be a difficult task that would cost me thousands of dollars. I didn’t have time to train her in My Daily Routine, either.

What Should I Do? I was completely befuddled and needed a way out. It’s still up to me to solve the biting problem, but aggressive behavior was too serious to ignore ( Especially after that Dinner Incident).
How did I come about Adrienne Farricelli’s Dog Brain Training?

So I spent every day looking and researching on Dog Forums, the Internet, and Social Media Websites. I swear I haven’t done as much research on pregnancy or anything else in my life as I have on Heidi’s Problems.

I had to teach myself how to train my dog. After conducting extensive research and reading hundreds of pages on the internet, I discovered Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs.

Adrienne Farricelli is a professional dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs over the course of her ten-year career and has developed this training course to assist dog owners in overcoming the behavioral and other problems that their dogs cause.


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