The Kidney Disease Solution is a “all-in-one, step-by-step approach that gives you everything you need to reverse kidney disease, enhance kidney function, and protect your kidneys from additional damage so you may avoid dialysis and transplantation.”

It comprises a collection of e-books and cookbooks that detail how to analyze your condition, interpret your test findings, and develop a structured treatment and diet plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Its therapeutic approaches are all based on the most recent discoveries in naturopathic science, with some taken from traditional eastern medicine.

It also includes audiobooks and movies for meditation, as well as a holistic approach to treating renal ailments and inducing healing.

They also offer free lifetime program upgrades so that participants may benefit from new material they find, as well as lifetime email assistance to answer any questions.

Information on the Author

Duncan Capicchiano and his wife Fiona Chin, both from Melbourne, Australia, collaborated on The Kidney Disease Solution.

They are both fully trained Naturopaths who co-founded a major wellness clinic in Melbourne with over 13 natural health therapists who work together to help thousands of patients achieve their objectives.

Duncan holds an advanced certificate in Naturopathy from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, as well as certifications and training in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Homeopathy, and Kinesiology.

Duncan and his wife Fiona developed this therapy approach as an alternative for Fiona’s nana, who was diagnosed with stage-4 renal illness and told by her doctors that dialysis was her only option.

They put together an all-natural regimen that magically cured Fiona’s Grandmother’s illness in just 12 weeks after sifting through innumerable peer-reviewed publications, clinical studies, and other medical literature.

Her condition improved dramatically from stage 4 to stage 1 after 6 months of treatment, and she lived another 10 joyful years before succumbing to heart failure in 2017.

Since 2008, The Kidney Disease Solution has helped over 25,000 people around the world.

They’ve been under constant pressure from western pharmaceutical firms to close their clinic, and the only thing keeping them going is the growing support of their successful patients and their families.

What Is The Kidney Disease Solution eBook and How Does It Work?

The Kidney Disease Solution eBook takes a holistic approach to treating each instance of kidney disease individually and according to their own needs.

Diabetes, Hypertension, and Kidney Stones all have different medications and food programs that must be followed.

Then they give them specific natural treatments to consume on a regular basis in order to address their illness.

They give you a unique cookbook with special recipes for boosting kidney health and enhancing kidney function.

They also offer audio versions of guided meditation activities to help you deal with stress and sleep better.

Morning yoga flow movements with Antonella Milo, a world-renowned yogini, assist to energize you for the day while also restoring renal health.


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