The EZ Battery ReconditioningTM program is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method for reconditioning all types of old batteries using just common household items.
The application includes step-by-step instructions for reconditioning each type of battery. And each guide is chock-full of illustrations and diagrams, so you don’t just read what to do…you see it too!

It’s as if I and Frank (aka “The Battery Man”) are standing right by you, leading you through the process of reconditioning your batteries.
And it doesn’t matter if you’re not tech-savvy or don’t know anything about batteries…our program is really simple to use and anyone can use it.
EZ Battery ReconditioningTM has been used by over 19,000 people so far.

Check Out What Others Have To Say…
“I saved over $400 on batteries!” exclaims the narrator.
I’m amazed at how easy your reconditioning procedure is! My old (and once-dead) automobile batteries, cell phone batteries, drill batteries, camera batteries, and a variety of other batteries have all been refurbished and are now working perfectly! I’ve saved over $400 on batteries since I began your program!
Jen Simmons was quoted as saying
“Easy To Follow” is a phrase used to describe how simple something is to follow
Your ideas are fantastic, Tom. With your approach, I was able to revive my laptop batteries, as well as a variety of other batteries. Your directions are simple to understand. Today I’m going to recondition a few more batteries as well.

Before I employed your procedures, my automobile battery was entirely dead.”
I used your application to recondition my dead car battery a few weeks ago, and it’s been running fine ever then! Before I employed your procedures, my automobile battery was completely dead.
I just saved hundreds of dollars on a new battery because to this!


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